JoseFoundation Calls for Sex Offender Register Act

Keeping Children Safe in 2012 signed a contract with United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) Nigeria to help prevent and respond to abuses, exploitation and harmful practices against children. The Nigeria’s Child Rights Act signed into law in 2013 criminalizes all forms of child abuse and exploitation of children including rape and child defilement.

The act recognizes the rights of children, restores their confidence and self esteem and protects all children from engaging in sexual activity at an early age irrespective of whether or not a person under 13 may have the necessary understanding of sexual matters to give ostensible consent. Also, it identifies the victims and for them to receive the necessary assistance, support and protection.

Since then, the efforts of the government have been beneficial in raising awareness of child protection issues.

We strongly believe that Mr Abimbola Salami known as Alfa, (a petty trader in Pedro Gbagada,  Lagos State) has contravened  Nigeria’s Child Rights Act by  committing  a crime of basic intent.  This is a criminal offence which should carry a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.

Mr Abimbola Salami (known as Alfa) did not recognize that it an offence for an adult to intentionally cause or incite a child under the age of 13 to engage in sexual activity – child sex was wrong, illegal, damaging.  He had been sleeping and having sexual intercourse with the girl since she was 10 and not realizing that a 10 year old is too young to consent and that there is a boundary which adults are not supposed to cross.

Mr Abimbola Salami  (known as Alfa)  has intentionally invaded  the privacy of  Miss Rukayat Olajobi at the early age of 10.   Miss Rukayat Olajobi was sexual and physically abused, emotionally exploited and taken advantage of as a child. These have harmed her emotional wellbeing and development.

Mr Abimbola Salami  (known as Alfa)   has intentionally penetrated  (sexually) the vagina  or anus of the young girl  (under 13) with  (part of his body) his penis knowing that the young girl  Miss Rukayat Olajobi   does not consent into the penetration.

Miss Rukayat Olajobi at the early age of 10 lost her virginity to this man, Mr Abimbola Salami  (known as Alfa)  who has never really taken responsibility for his evil behaviour.

Medical examination proved that Miss Rukayat Olajobi has been defiled and the case transferred from Pedro Police Station (Human Rights office) to the Criminal Investigation Department, Panti, and Lagos State. and Mr Abimbola Salami  (known as Alfa)  released on bail by the Magistrate Court.

Although it was learnt that the case had been adjourned to 1st day of July 2016 as the Magistrate is awaiting for the DPP advise and that WAPA had  taken Miss Rukayat Olajobi into their custody. Miss Olajobi  is yet to be integrated back to school.

We are calling on Hon. (Mrs. Lola Akande), Lagos State Commissioner for Women Affairs & Poverty Alleviation,  Child Development department Ministry of Women Affairs and Poverty Alleviation (MWAPA) and the Child Protection Network (CPN), a Network of NGOs working in areas of Child Protection, Hon. (Mrs.) Uzamat Akinbile-Yussuf, Commissioner for Youth and Social Development, and the Lagos State Commissioner of Police  to expedite immediate action in ensuring that those young children like (Miss Rukayat Olajobi) are safe from abuse, violence, exploitation and neglect. And also to make sure that Mr.Abimbola Salami  (known as Alfa)  is dealt with accordingly.

Reports has shown that approximately 1.3millon children are sexually abused 25% are girls and 5% boys have suffered in the hands of sexual predators even in there own homes by adults who are meant to protect them.

The Nigerian child especially the girl child, being a prey so sex predators is a burning issue of discourse that needs to be treated with urgency.

There’s a growing number of sexual abuse in nigeria a lot of them suffer sexual abuse from there so called protectors and guardians, some of which are family members.

Incest and sexual abuse making daily headline and a girl child being the victim .

No laws are implemented no action taken. We just read the headlines and continue with our daily lives a few protest here and there and we are quite again.

How long do keep quite?

How long do we watch our dear children die in silence?

In other countries they have set a higher legal standard. Nigeria has no law protecting children and it rights, and still finds it a difficult task to make provision of this convention.

The rate of prostitution and sexual transmitted diseases has increased over the years which some have been traced to sexual abuse done to minors.

Government are obliged to take necessary steps.

We have had lawmakers sponsoring bills to legalize girl child bride marriage due to several laws operated in the country.

The victims are frightened to speak due to the society we live in because they have been reprimanded. A lot of kids loose control.

As for Rukayat she has been been rehoused due to this evil act done to her removed from her family made to live under protection for a period of time not been able to face the real world, a lot of physiological effect on her.

How much a malicious and cruel act of sexual abuse on a child, such child may not have stable life and ostracized which could lead to behavioral effect. We at Jose foundation will continue to give a voice to deprived children and victim of sexual abuse until a sex offender’s register act is pass into law to curb the menace and evil.

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