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On the invitation to the United Kingdom House of Lords, by The Lord Ramsbotham GCB CBE. The President Prince Martins Abhulimhen campaign for worldwide support for food, housing, hospital, schools and general rehabilitation for the internally displaced people (IDPs) in Borno State North East of Nigeria.

Jose foundation address at the House of Lords … Palace of Westminister

Good evening, Lord Ramsbotham I greet you . I thank you very much for this invitation to the Upper chamber in the palace of westminister, I am indeed honoured and my foundation, the Jose Foundation and its entire team excited. I also want to recognise the Save the Children organisation UK along with the Nepal Child Rescue Foundation who have helped bring this strategic meeting to being.

Jose Foundation was established in 2003, inspired by the visit of her Majesty the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh when she challenged the Government and People of Nigeria to address and eradicate the circumstances that led to the pitiful state of the displaced children in Nigeria vis-a-vis Africa.

Over the past decades however, the Jose Foundation has reached out to the less privileged and made progress through contributions and financial assistance in relevant sectors of the Nigerian polity through government institutions such as hospitals, motherless babies homes and institutions that protect the disabled. Since Her Majesty’s visit, Nigeria has experienced change in its democratic government and successive leaders have continued with the inspiration albeit to the best of their abilities.

However, in recent times, there have been insurgence and ethnic upheavals leading to high levels of violence and kidnappings in the Niger Delta areas and much more recently Islamic fundamentalism by a sect known as Boko Haram striking in the North East of Nigeria unleashing violence on an unprecedented level using bombs,ambush, gorilla warfare and military and para military suicide bombers including children especially young females that have been kidnapped and brain washed into suicide bombing .

Jose Foundation, being unable to participate actively in ameliorating the effects of the war against insurgency, due to being ill equipped to fight against insurgency, has began to find relevance because the 10 months old government of President Muhammadu Buhari has been able to repeal the insurgents and create safe camps for internally displaced people, a majority of whom are children. We now can show our zeal as it is safe to work in such camps .

The internally displaced people is part of what I have come here to sensitise your Lordships about. For the first time in the history of Nigeria, we have a discipline, corrupt free leadership under the impeccable person of President Muhammadu Buhari, which without any doubt will make our tasks a lot easier. Donations are bound to reach the people it is meant for. We at Jose Foundation are partnering with Save the Children organisation UK, Nepal Child rescue foundation, the Wellbeing Foundation and a host of other like minded non governmental organisations to help the Nigerian government ease this burden and end this crisis and humanitarian catastrophe . Over 200 children from the Chibok village are still missing, though the government is also making tremendous efforts to bring back the girls .

Many children need expert care and counselling to help them return to normal life . My Lords, I can go on all day but I will not. Our organisation along with our partners and like minded organisation have an opportunity to operate in the North East region of Nigeria, making us begin the process of education, counselling, rebuilding communities and harmonising families . We will continue till we are satisfied we have won the peace.

We are also not naive to think that Jose Foundation can do this alone, we need help and we need it urgently.

I thank you for listening and will look forward for more invitations to discuss more details and strategies for implementation at your earliest convenience. Thank you very much my Lords.

Prince Martins Abhulimhen.

President Prince Martins Abhulimhen, Jose Foundation Nigeria, garner for support at the UK House of Lords,Palace of Westminster UK to replicate Child Rescue Nigeria for the IDPs Children in Borno State North East Nigeria.

Prince Dr Martins Abhulimhen at the UK House of Lords, Palace of Westminster
Prince Dr Martins Abhulimhen and Mr Ian Kerr, Chief Executive, Child Rescue Nepal UK.
IDPs in North-East Nigeria
IDPs Homes in North-East Nigeria

Jose Foundation calls for support for children who lost parents as a result of insurgency. IDPs needs all the supports.

IDPs Camp in North-East Nigeria.
Jose Foundation Urges Families To Adopt Unaccompanied Children In IDPs Camps
Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar of the Federal Republic of Nigeria below shows love and supports to IDPs in Borno State North East Nigeria.