Jose Foundation Partners ECPAT On Global Alliance Against Sexual Abuse


A Nigerian international non governmental organisation, Jose Foundation, with biased for rights of children and women against all forms of sexual exploitation is partnering with ECPAT International on global alliance against sexual exploitation.

The foundation which already has a partnership agreement with the Federal Government of Nigeria is taking advantage of the 16 days Orange the World by UN Women to create a worldwide awareness against child sexual exploitation and abuses against women.

Campaign director, Jose Foundation, Ms Eunice Turkson; head of programme, Combating Sexual Exploitation of Children Online ECPAT International, Marie-Laure Lemineur; regional coordinator, ECPAT International, Rangsima Deesawade and executive officer, ECPAT International, Supriya Kadaju at a forum against sexual abuse at ECPAT International headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand.

In a statement to LEADERSHIP Friday, president of Jose Foundation, Prince Martins Abhulimhen, said the foundation decided to visit ECPAT headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand to brief the organisation on its planned workshop on child sexual exploitation and to engage with other organisations on the “Orange the world to end Child Sexual Exploitation and all forms of abuse of children and women.”

“Our focus is the workshop and how we are about to put together all international organisations to come work out a collective solution to end child sexual exploitation with our UK experts led by Mrs Jayne Senior MBE, with her nine members from the UK.

“It’s going to be the first time ever a workshop on CSE is put together in Abuja, Nigeria and Africa finding solution to curb the menace on children. ECPAT International is a major stakeholder and we have invited them to join us for the workshop.

“Ms Eunice Turkson, our campaign director met with Marie-Laure Lemineur, head of programme, Combating Sexual Exploitation of Children Online ECPAT International, Rangsima Deesawade, regional coordinator, ECPAT International and Supriya Kadaju, executive officer at ECPAT at the organisation’s headquarters in Bangkok to discuss all the issues as it concerns CSE.

“The Foundation team further discussed the introduction of Sexual Exploitation of Children in Travel and Tourism (SECTT) and all the safeguarding programmes to be launched at the CSE workshop in Abuja.

Also discussed in the meeting with ECPAT International is how to curb sexual exploitation of children in travel and tourism by training through the introduction of a safeguarding policy programmes after the workshop on CSE,” Abhulimhen said.

ECPAT International is an expanding network of local civil society organisations and coalitions with one common goal: to end sexual exploitation of children around the world.

It conducts cutting edge research to build the collective understanding of what it take to end sexual exploitation of children. Together with partners around the world, it coordinate evidence based advocacy at all levels to strengthen national justice and protection systems and increase investment in the fight against sexual exploitation of children.

At the heart of all its works are the voices of children, reflected across research agenda, programmes and campaigns.

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