Foundation Plans Free Catering Services To IDPs

With renewed focus and vigor to assist the IDP’S in Nigeria especially in North Eastern Nigeria, a non governmental organisation, Jose Foundation is making plans to fed the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in the north east in collaboration with a United States food company.

In a statement in Abuja yesterday, Jose Foundation President,  Prince Martins Abhulimhen said the organisation is determined to quadruple its past efforts main purpose since inception is to positively impact the lives and well being of the impoverished people of the world.

He said since 2003, Jose Foundation has been financing  parallel foundations that are directly catering to IDP’s in various communities around Nigeria and other trouble spots in Africa.

He stated that medical equipment were also donated to hospitals in Lagos and food and relief items were sent to IDP centers across the country.

“Jose Foundation has never looked back or seized to defend and fight for the protection of those who through no particular fault of theirs found themselves in situations beyond their control,” Abhulimhen said.

He noted that the Foundation is committed to completely change the misfortunes of the internally displaced people in Nigeria. This informed the foundation in April 2016 to sign a comprehensive Partnership Agreement with a major United States food production and preservation company to establish a factory that produces high quality, Gluten and Cholesterol free food in Nigeria.

“This mammoth partnership is targeted to employ approximately 10,000 citizens. The processing plant is committed to using locally produced raw materials such as Beans, Garlic, Ginger and Pepper which will add additional 4,000 employees through farming, Distribution and other logistics. This will be the birth of full scale Organic farming in Nigeria.

“Produce from Ehmar Foods farm and Production facilities will be completely organic, zero pesticides and fertilizers. Nigerians and IDP’s deserves high quality food, the exact reason Jose Foundation is sending 10 containers worth over 2 million U.S dollars of high quality, Organic high protein Beans, Ewa Agoyin, with zero preservatives, Gluten free and high content of daily required vitamins to the displaced people of North Eastern Nigeria in support of Aisha Buhari Global Foundation (ABGF) and compliment efforts of our first Lady”.

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