Child Sexual Exploitation: Why We Want UK Experts To Share Experiences

By Agbo-Paul Augustine

Jose Foundation has said that child sexual exploitation has become a notorious issue in several parts of Nigeria that needs the efforts of all to tackle and save the future of the country.

Speaking exclusively to LEADERSHIP Weekend yesterday on the planned workshop on Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) in Nigeria, President, Jose Foundation, Prince Martins Abhulimhen, said the rampant cases of child and women abuse in the country calls for proactive measures to create awareness among Nigerians.

“The programme is designed to raise awareness and educate children, teachers, community leaders, pastors, and all stakeholders and to better equip them in reporting and recognize such issues. It empowers them to know that they have a right and such nefarious acts are condoned in any part of Nigeria.

“We will fight for reparative justice for those in IDP camps or any part of Nigeria if you are abused, because there is no rehabilitation for an abused child, the CSE children already suffer a lot out of poverty,” he said.

Abhulimhen added that Jose Foundation is partnering with the famous United Kingdom’s child rights activists, Mrs. Jayne Senior and six others to come to Nigeria and share their experiences in the UK and how the nation has been dealing with CSE issues.

He further stated that a programme of action has been delivered to Nigeria mission in London ahead of formal notification to the various stakeholder ministries and agencies in the Nigeria, including the ministries of foreign affairs, women affairs, education, interior, health, justice and the Nigeria Police Force.

He noted that the backlash on government if cases of CSE are not checked will be a bigger issue.

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