Ending Gender Based Violence Conference 2022

Nigeria is failing its women and girls in so many ways. The latest spate of violence across the country has underscored the critical need for government to act swiftly to protect its most vulnerable and put an end to gender-based violence. From the camps of internally displaced persons, to states across the federation, it is the same story; women and girls have been victims of gruesome attacks.

Ending Gender Based Violence Conference 2022 will provide an in-depth understanding of GBV in Nigeria and Africa at large. The 2022 Theme will center around: The Role of Media & Civil Societies: Challenges & Prospects. It will also provide guidance on how to offer the appropriate support to survivors of GBV using the resources and procedures currently available.

Conference Event (Opening Speech. Keynote Address, Lead & paper presentations, Workshops, Awards, Celebrating First Ladies & NGOs fighting GBV, GBV Trust Fund & Journal launch)
Sat. 30th July, 2022 | Transcorp Hilton, Abuja | 10am

This conference is aimed at building the capacity and commitment of participants to undertake programs targeted at eradicating GBV and to develop a new movement for gender equality. The Conference will offer detailed examination of the concepts of gender, GBV, sexuality, and rights. It further seeks to explore the impact of GBV on various sectors of development e.g. education, health and agricultural development.

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